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This space includes all regulated information published by Unédic in its financial reporting. Some of these documents are in sections Releases and Reports and Publications.

Unédic is the public related entity in charge of managing the compulsory French unemployment insurance system


Investors contact

Philippe Eberschweiler,



Phone : +33 1 44 87 64 47

Mobile : +33 6 34 34 52 78



4, rue Traversière - 75012 PARIS - FRANCE


Few words


Unédic is the public related entity in charge of managing the compulsory French insurance for unemployment


Patricia Ferrand (Cfdt)

CEO Unédic

Vincent Destival


Key financial facts

• AAA, Aaa rating of Unédic by rating agencies Moody’s and Fitch, AA+ by Standard & Poor’s

• Unédic distributes about €30bn per year in unemployment benefits

• 0% risk weighted under Basel II and ECB eligible